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11430244  Baltimore CityGovernmentOtherPROJECT # 1320 - BACK RIVER WASTE WATER TREATMENT … see more12/11/2019
11431360  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Louis F. Friedman, Attorney Friedma… see more 12/11/2019
11431372  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Kenneth S. Aneckstein, Attorney Gor… see more 12/11/2019
11431381  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Rob Goldman, Attorney 6800-B Holabi… see more 12/11/2019
11431388  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Roland Evans III, Proper Person 451… see more 12/11/2019
11431403  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Alan F. M. Garten, Attorney Fedder … see more 12/11/2019
11431406  Baltimore CityProbateProbate Baltimore City Beverly Thompson, Proper Person 74… see more 12/11/2019
11431412  Baltimore CityProbateProbate Baltimore City Keith E. Johnson, Sr., Proper Pers… see more 12/11/2019
11431201  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Merawi A. Sember, Proper Person … see more 12/11/2019
11431317  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Djomo Epse Kepsu Ida Diane, Prop… see more 12/11/2019
11430789  WicomicoProbateProbateWicomico County Regan J.R. Smith, Attorney 3509 Co… see more 12/11/2019
11430790  WicomicoProbateProbateWicomico County David B. Douse, Attorney Webb, Cor… see more 12/11/2019
11430469  CarrollProbateProbate Carroll County Jacqueline Oberlechner, Proper Per… see more 12/10/2019
11430472  CarrollProbateProbate Carroll County Glenn R. Favreau, Proper Person 31… see more 12/10/2019
11430475  CarrollProbateProbate Carroll County Kathryne Ann Barnard, Proper Perso… see more 12/10/2019
11430478  CarrollProbateProbateCarroll County Robin Kuhnke, Proper Person 3215 Ho… see more 12/10/2019
11430481  CarrollProbateProbateCarroll County Catherine I. Seeley, Proper Person … see more 12/10/2019
11430670  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Christine Colleary, Proper Person 7… see more 12/10/2019
11430678  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Makia Ema Morehead, Proper Person 1… see more 12/10/2019
11430680  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Gerald K. Gimmel, Attorney Gimmel, … see more 12/10/2019
11430685  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Robin P. Rice, Proper Person 5874 M… see more 12/10/2019
11430687  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Frank G. Lidinsky, Attorney 8600 La… see more 12/10/2019
11430690  HowardProbateProbate Howard County William Barnwell, Proper Person 137… see more 12/10/2019
11430694  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Sandra Price, Proper Person 13645 O… see more 12/10/2019
11430702  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Susan E. Beasley, Attorney 16B Dutt… see more 12/10/2019
11430704  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Lillie Price Wesley, Attorney 3525 … see more 12/10/2019
11430707  HowardProbateProbate Howard County Karen Beall, Proper Person 10719 Ma… see more 12/10/2019
11430639  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyName ChangeBaltimore City Millicent Smith, Proper Person Balt… see more 12/10/2019
11430715  Baltimore CityReal EstateRedemption NoticeBaltimore City. Tacey N. Himelfarb, Attorney, Hime… see more 12/10/2019
11430723  Baltimore CityReal EstateRedemption NoticeBaltimore City. Tacey N. Himelfarb, Attorney, Hime… see more 12/10/2019