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11553292  BaltimoreReal EstateDecree NISIBaltimore County LOGS Legal Group, LLP, Attorney 1… see more 03/01/2021
11553283  Baltimore CityReal EstateTrustee SalesBaltimore City Samuel I. White, P.C. 596 Lynnhaven… see more 03/01/2021
11553287  Baltimore CityReal EstateTrustee SalesBaltimore City Samuel I. White, P.C. 596 Lynnhaven… see more 03/01/2021
11553307  Baltimore CityReal EstateDecree NISIBaltimore City. Kevin J Kelehan, Attorney 10715 Ch… see more 03/01/2021
11553312  Baltimore CityReal EstateDecree NISIBaltimore City. Thomas Hodge, Attorney, 484 Viking… see more 03/01/2021
11553375  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Adam C. Zimmerman, Attorney PathFin… see more 03/01/2021
11553377  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Bryan Potts, Attorney 8621 Philadel… see more 03/01/2021
11553378  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Jill A. Snyder, Attorney Law Office… see more 03/01/2021
11553380  Baltimore CityProbateProbateBaltimore City Jacob Deaven, Attorney Parker, Simo… see more 03/01/2021
11553382  Baltimore CityProbateProbate Baltimore City Mariela C. D'Alessio Attorney Smit… see more 03/01/2021
11553383  Baltimore CityProbateProbate Baltimore City George Lewis Singer, Jr., Proper P… see more 03/01/2021
11553385  Baltimore CityProbateProbate Baltimore City Yolanda Michelle Crayton, Proper P… see more 03/01/2021
11553386  Baltimore CityProbateProbate Baltimore City Audra James, Proper Person 1541 Ki… see more 03/01/2021
11553314  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Elena Radievna Spitsa, Proper Pe… see more 03/01/2021
11553316  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Michael Habt, Proper Person Silv… see more 03/01/2021
11553317  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Segun Adeyemi Obashe, Proper Per… see more 03/01/2021
11552308  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Karita Aaliyah Kirk-Williams, Pr… see more 02/26/2021
11552309  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Sean David McGinty, Proper Perso… see more 02/26/2021
11552311  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Ogbonnaya Andrew Ngwu, Proper Pe… see more 02/26/2021
11552315  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Jean Marie Nzabonimana, Proper P… see more 02/26/2021
11552317  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Thanh Tran, Proper Person Chevy … see more 02/26/2021
11552319  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Jiaming Zhang, Proper Person Gai… see more 02/26/2021
11552426  MontgomeryIndividual and FamilyName ChangeMontgomery County Genet Abrham Gidey, Proper Perso… see more 02/26/2021
11552778  BaltimoreReal EstateTrustee SalesBaltimore County Brock and Scott, PLLC 5431 Oleand… see more 02/26/2021
11552985  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Robert L. Pillote, Jr., Attorney… see more 02/26/2021
11552988  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Alex R. Housley, Attorney 658 Ke… see more 02/26/2021
11552989  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Marianne Schmitt Hellauer, Attor… see more 02/26/2021
11552559  Baltimore CityBidsConstructionTR-21011, RESURFACING HIGHWAYS AT VARIOUS LOCATION… see more02/26/2021
11552562  Baltimore CityBidsConstructionTR-21012, RESURFACING HIGHWAYS AT VARIOUS LOCATION… see more02/26/2021
11552566  Baltimore CityBidsConstructionTR-21013, RESURFACING HIGHWAYS AT VARIOUS LOCATION… see more02/26/2021