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11481146  Baltimore CityGovernmentOtherCONDEMNATION AND CLOSING OF A PORTION OF BOSTON ST… see more05/26/2020
11481147  Baltimore CityGovernmentOtherCONDEMNATION AND CLOSING OF A PORTION OF BOSTON ST… see more05/26/2020
11482572  Baltimore CityGovernmentOtherCondemnation and closing of a portion of East Crom… see more05/26/2020
11482581  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyName ChangeBaltimore City Thomas F. McKeon, Attorney Butler, … see more 05/26/2020
11482726  Baltimore CityBidsGoods and ServicesTHE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA® NOTICE TO FIRMS OF INTE… see more 05/26/2020
11482138  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Verena Meiser, Attorney Lewicky,… see more 05/22/2020
11482141  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Mark E. Staniford, Proper Person… see more 05/22/2020
11482145  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County William L. Rodowsky, Attorney Se… see more 05/22/2020
11482148  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Jennifer Conron Jackson, Attorne… see more 05/22/2020
11482152  MontgomeryProbateProbateMontgomery County Melissa E. Aitken, Attorney 1130… see more 05/22/2020
11482577  Baltimore CityBusinessMiscellaneousBaltimore Tourism Improvement District (BTID) FY20… see more05/22/2020
11482432  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyFamilyMandy L. Myers Case: T19352002 Notice of Filing a … see more05/22/2020
11482436  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyFamilyMichael Alston Jr. Case: T19352002 Notice of Filin… see more05/22/2020
11482438  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyFamilyHusband Not Named Case: T19326004 Notice of Filing… see more05/22/2020
11482439  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyFamilyBrandee N. Crotty Case: T19364013 Notice of Filing… see more05/22/2020
11482441  Baltimore CityIndividual and FamilyFamilyUnknown Father Case: T19364013 Notice of Filing a … see more05/22/2020
11482363  BaltimoreBusinessMiscellaneousAT&T proposes to replace an existing 27.5' str… see more05/22/2020
11482365  BaltimoreBusinessMiscellaneousAT&T proposes to replace an existing 22.5' met… see more05/22/2020
11482425  BaltimoreGovernmentHearings and MinutesBaltimore County, Maryland Water Supply and Sewera… see more05/22/2020
11482543  BaltimoreBusinessMiscellaneousAT&T proposes to replace an existing 27.5' str… see more05/22/2020
11482648  BaltimoreBusinessMiscellaneousAT&T proposes to construct a new 26.3' steel p… see more05/22/2020
11482368  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County Myles F. Friedman, Attorney Deck… see more 05/21/2020
11482371  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County W. Scott Tinney, Attorney 334 St… see more 05/21/2020
11482385  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County Carolyn W. Nazelrod, Attorney Si… see more 05/21/2020
11482388  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County Marc A. Appel, Attorney 455 Main… see more 05/21/2020
11482390  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County James Quinn Schmidt, Jr., Proper… see more 05/21/2020
11482393  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County Phyllis J. Erlich, Attorney Fran… see more 05/21/2020
11482396  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County Henry B. Peck, Jr., Attorney 304… see more 05/21/2020
11482398  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County Holly A. Musselman, Attorney Law… see more 05/21/2020
11482400  BaltimoreProbateProbate Baltimore County J. Hansen Hoffman, Jr., Proper P… see more 05/21/2020