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11593434  CountyDept of Environmental Protection and SustainabilityNOTICE OF CRITICAL AREA VARIAN CE APPLICATION - 43… see moreOther08/02/2021
11592031  OtherJonathan HerbstNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0168-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/27/2021
11588294  CountyTeleport Communications America, LLCFRANCHISE AGREEMENT BY AND AMONG BALTIMORE COUNTY,… see moreOther07/27/2021
11590486  OtherKirk BauerNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0177-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/21/2021
11590490  OtherMaxim Building Group, IncNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0176-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/21/2021
11590240  Other1735 Searles, LLCNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0164-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/20/2021
11590246  OtherCarlson Consulting EngineersNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0175-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/20/2021
11589229  OtherEliott MoralesNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0174-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/15/2021
11589232  OtherWilliam CastilloNOTICE OF ZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0158-… see moreHearings and Minutes07/15/2021
11586863  OtherTimothy KotrocoZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0169-AHearings and Minutes07/07/2021
11586864  OtherTimothy KotrocoZONING HEARING - CASE NUMBER: 2021-0128-AHearings and Minutes07/07/2021