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Baltimore City State's Attorney
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Baltimore City State's Attorney

June 24, 2022

Public Notice Authorization for the disinterment of 118 individuals from St. Elizabeth Cemetery, 3725 Ellerslie Ave, Baltimore, MD is being requested from the Baltimore City State's Attorney for the purpose of relocating the following Franciscan Sisters of Baltimore to New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore, MD: Irene Bresnan, Clara Booth, Mildred Clark, Isidore Bresnan, Anastasia Walsh, Dominica Ingram, Raymund McGowan, Gabriel Kiernan, Evangelist Burke, Ignatius Gilbert, Germaine Flagg, Angela Hagett, Elizabeth Malone (Tertiary), Aloysius Haley, Assisi Durkin, Stephen Halley, Stott Paschal, Winifred McLaughlin, Margaret Mahan (Tertiary), Magdalen Leloux (Tertiary), Zita Rogers, Teresa Bartram, Scholastica Crudden, Viridian Ford, Antonia Crean, Elizabeth Morgan, Leo Walsh, Claver McCarthy (Tertiary), Emerentiana Crowley, Agatha Lindsay, Crescentia Carroll, Vincent Cuddy, Cleophas Murphy, Anselm Keenan, Gerard Finnigan, Barbara Finn, Mother Mechtilde Blanchfield, Loretta O'Keefe (Tertiary), Monica Ruen (Tertiary), Fidelis Fox, Mercedes Hogue, Victor Ryan, Lucia O'Neill, Denis Sullivan, Joseph Brown (Tertiary), Magdalene O'Grady, Imelda Byrne, Malachy Murphy, Pancratius Fitzpatrick, Sebastian Fitzmaurice, Esther Gerrity, Hyacinth Yahner, Berard Kopp, Rose Costello (Tertiary), Matthew Duggan Laurence Saunderson, Solano Mooney, Michael Duffy, Bernard McLaughlin, Margaret Molony, Theophane Rohleder, Carmelita Redding, Giles Drake, Genevieve Shannon, Gertrude Glennon, Hildegarde Pfeiffer, Assunta Doherty, Aquinas Higgins, Paula Brennan, Bernadette Dunn, James Griffin, Una Walton, Regina Smith, Monica Griffin, Louis Paquette, Mary John Gerrity, Felix Hains, Angelus Crawford, Thomas Schmitt, Austin Metzler, Marie Therese Stone, Stephanie Sullivan, Jane Frances Sullivan, Cyprian Bleackley, Dominic Tayman, Philippa Paquette, Mary Ann Ginka, Regis Fitzpatrick, Patricia McGrenra, Anita Hogan, Mary Anne Dunn, Antonine Powers, Alphonsus McNamara, Adelaide McNeill, Mary Mark Carroll, Ruth Hentschel, Fabian Walsh, Borgia Griffin, Frances Marie Leahy, Claire Parenteau, Anastasia Schramm, Teresa Gilligan, Agnes Branigan, Benedict Henderson, Timothy Morrissey, Christopher Parker, Salvator Goggin, Mary Gray, Paschal O'Sullivan, Mary Luke Brosnan, Teresa Galbraith, Mary O'Neil, Margaret Mary Sullivan, Irene Marshiano, Annunciata Bleil, Perpetua Roche, Joan Marie Griffin, Helen Schmitt je24

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