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Valenzuela, Ashly vs Mutakabbir, Kinyumba
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Valenzuela, Ashly vs Mutakabbir, Kinyumba

May 24, 2022

SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES, 111 N HILL. ST, DEPT 25, LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 - Case Number: 22STRO01281 Summons (Domestic Violence Restraining Order) 1. Person asking for protection: ASHLY VALENZUELA 2. Notice to KINYUMBA MUTAKABBIR The person in 1. is asking for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order against you. 3. You have a court date Date 06/16/2022 Time 08:30 A.M. Dept. 25 Room 317 Name and address of court, if different from above: STANLEY MOSK, 111 N HILL. ST, DEPT 25, LOS ANGELES, CA 90012 What if I don't go to my court date? If you do not go to your court date, the judge can grant a restraining order that limits your contact with the person in 1. If you have a child with the person in 1., the court could make orders that limit your time with your child. Having a restraining order against you may impact your life in other ways, including preventing you from having guns and ammunition. If you do not go to your court date, the judge could grant everything that the person in 1. asked the judge to order. How do I find what the person in 1. is asking for? To find out what the person in 1. is asking the judge to order, go to the courthouse listed at the top of page 1. Ask the court clerk to let you see your case file. You will need to give the court clerk your case number, which is listed above on page 1. The request for restraining order will be on form DV-100, Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order. Where can I get help? Free legal information is available at your local court's self-help center. Go to to find your local center. Do I need a lawyer? You are not required to have a lawyer, but you may want legal advice before your court hearing. For help finding a lawyer, you can visit or contact your local bar association. Date: 05/17/2022 Clerk, by: Jose Cruz my24,31,je7,14

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