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November 19, 2020

Notice of Abandonment Ultra-Safe Fund, LLC ("USF"), a Maryland limited liability company, is irrevocably abandoning its entire right, title and interest in and to certain Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Anne Arundel County tax sale certificates and tax sale judgments at Five (5) O' clock PM on December 31, 2020. Neither USF, nor any member ofUSF, will contribute any further funds toward retaining any rights or use of the abandoned certificates and judgments. USF is offering to any member of the company, or to any person or entity wishing to obtain whatever interest or rights that USF might have in them "gratis". Any person or entity wishing to obtain a Quitclaim Assignment of USF's interest, free of charge, in certificates and judgments relative to any of the following properties should contact USF . USF does not warrant the value, if any, of the certificates and judgments Baltimore City: l161 Nanticoke St, 1203 N Bradford St, 1216 N Montford Ave, 1318 Mosher St, 1357 N Calhoun St, 1428 N Chester St, 1508 McHenry St, 1510 N Wolfe St, 1515 McKean Ave, 1617 N Montford Ave, 1700 N Montford Ave, 1702 Cole St, 1706 N Bradford St, 1802 Etting St, 2040 E North Ave, 2119 E North Ave, 2221 Christian St, 2341 McElderry St, 2402 W Lombard St, 2429 E Preston St, 2626 Woodbrook Ave, 3015 Virginia Ave, 307 S Monroe St, 329 S Stricker St, 421 S Payson St, 507 N Arlington Ave, 5119 Queensberry Ave, 5238 Denmore Ave, 609 S Smallwood St, 901 Mckean Ave, 907 N Stricker St, 929 N Bradford St, 1815 Wilhelm St, 1807 Etting St, 1708 Rutland Ave, 1702 N Port St, 1140 N Monroe St, 2129 E North Ave, 2017 McHenry St, 2010 Homewood Ave, 1923 Mosher St, 1923 Christian St, 183I W Fayette St, 1824 N Woodyear St, 519 Sheridan Ave, 421 S Payson St, 307 S Monroe St, 15 N Payson St, 15 N Abington Ave, 1616 N Monroe St, 1539 Ramsay St, 1512 N Montford Ave, 1510 Poplar Grove St, 1321 Ensor St, 919 Edmondson Ave, 900 N Payson St, 721 N Fulton Ave, 3710 Edmondson Ave, 545 S Monroe St, 2636 Oswego Ave, 2108 Harford Rd, 405 Maine Ave, 1828 McHenry St, 1853 Ramsay St and 819 Patterson Park Ave. Anne Arundel County (Annapolis): 1233 Creek Dr and l235 Creek Dr. Ultra-Safe Fund 3604 Eastern Avenue, Suite 400 Baltimore, MD 21224 240-447-5269 n19

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