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McKenzie-El, Riker Jr
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McKenzie-El, Riker Jr

January 07, 2019

Copyright Notice No. RMJ-0622661928-CN Copyright Notice: All rights reserved re Common Law Copyright of Trade-names/Trade-marks, RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, as well as any derivatives and variations in the spelling of said trade-names/trade-mark names, not excluding "Riker Junior: McKenzie-El", respectively by - Common Law Copyright© "Riker Junior: McKenzie-El©. Said common law trade-names/trade-marks, RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, may neither be used, nor reproduced, neither in whole or in part, nor an any manner whatsoever, without prior express, written consent and acknowledgement of Riker Junior: McKenzie-El©, as signified by the red-ink signature and seal; Riker Junior: McKenzie-El©, herein after "Secured Party", With the intent of being contractually bound, any juristic person, as well as the agent of said juristic person, consents and agrees by this Copyright Notice that neither said juristic person, nor the agent of said juristic person shall display, nor otherwise use in any manner the common law trade-names/trade-marks, RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, nor the common law copyright described herein nor any derivative of, nor any variation in spelling of, RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, without the prior, express, written consent and acknowledgment of Secured Party, as signified by Secured Party's signature. Secured Party neither grants, nor implies, nor otherwise gives consent for any unauthorized use of RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, and all such authorized use is strictly prohibited. Secured Party is not now nor has ever been an accommodation party, nor a surety for the purported debtors, Le. RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, nor any derivative of, nor for any variation of the spelling of, said name, nor for any other juristic person and is so indemnified and held harmless by Debtor, Le. RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, Debtor in Hold-harmless and Indemnity Agreement No. RMJ-0622661928-HHIA dated the 13th Day of December Month in the Year of The Lord Two Thousand and 2018 any and all claims, legal actions, orders, warrants, judgments, demands, liabilities, losses, depositions, summonses, lawsuits, costs, fines, liens, levies, penalties, damages, interests, and expenses whatsoever, both absolute and contingent as are due and as become due, now existing and hereafter arise, and as might be suffered by, imposed on and incurred by Debtor RIKER MCKENZIE JR© for any and every reason, purpose and cause whatsoever. BE IT KNOWN that Common Law Copyright is claimed by Secured Party over, including but not restricted nor limited to all means of personal identifications of RIKER MCKENZIE JR©, defined as: fingerprints, footprints, palm prints, thumbprints, hand prints, toe prints, Birth Certificate Number. Social Security Number, STATE OF MARYLAND Driver's License Number, RNA materials, DNA materials, blood and blood fractions. biopsies, surgically removed tissue, body parts, organs, hair, teeth, nails, eggs, urine, faeces, excrement, other body fluids ad matter of any kind, breath samples, voice-print, retinal image and all other corporeal identification factors, and said factors physical counterparts, any and all body tissue of any kind, in any form, all records and record numbers, including the results, recorded or otherwise, of all and any tests performed on any materials relating to Debtor and information pertaining thereto, and any and all visual images, photographic or electronic, notwithstanding any and all claims to the contrary. Riker Junior: McKenzie-El Autograph Common Law Copyright© by Riker Junior: McKenzie-El©. All Rights Reserved. Jurat State of Maryland County of Baltimore Subscribed and affirmed before me this 13th day of December, 2018. Theresa E. Smith Notary Public ja7

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