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City of Baltimore Office of Boards & Commissions- County
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City of Baltimore Office of Boards & Commissions- County

March 15, 2019

CITY OF BALTIMORE OFFICE OF BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS PUBLIC NOTICE PROJECT NO. 1302 ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES FOR WATER TUNNEL SHAFT CONSTRUCTION The City of Baltimore Office of Boards and Commissions has been requested by the Department of Public Works, Office of Asset Management, to advertise for the services of a Civil/Environmental Engineering Firm to provide engineering services for design of modifications to an existing underground access shaft (Paran shaft) on the Liberty-Ashburton Raw Water Tunnel of the Baltimore Metropolitan Water System, and to provide post-award services related to the construction of the designed access shaft. The City's expectation is that the Paran access shaft design (bid ready stage) will be completed within a period of six (6) months. The City intends to select the services of one (1) firm. The Liberty-Ashburton water tunnel was constructed in 1950s and is the primary conduit of raw water from the Liberty reservoir to Baltimore City's Ashburton Water Treatment Plant. The tunnel was constructed through solid rock at depths ranging from 120-feet to 330-feet and is 10-11 foot in diameter. The scope of Project 1302 includes modifications to the Paran shaft, which is located in a parking lot at the Deer Park Industrial Park off Liberty road in Baltimore County. The Paran shaft extends approximately 330 feet deep and is a 18-feet by 20 -feet square shaft. The Paran shaft is capped off with a concrete slab and is buried underground at a depth of approximately 25 feet under the parking lot. The Paran shaft is open to the tunnel below the concrete slab. The project aims to design the modifications to the Paran shaft to remove/modify the concrete top slab and to extend the shaft up-to-grade at the parking lot surface level, so that it can be used to access and inspect the tunnel in future. The firms interested in providing these services must demonstrate and document the following: 1. Expertise and capacity to provide engineering assessment and design services for: a. Removal and modifications/rehabilitation of existing sub surface structures b. Construction & Installation of new sub surface structures 2. Expertise and capacity in condition assessment of existing sub-surface structures including access shafts, developing repair and rehabilitation methods, and design for underground structures such as tunnels and access shafts. 3. Expertise and capacity in developing bid-ready contract documents including plans, specifications, cost estimates, scheduling, and related items necessary for procurement of construction contractor related to underground structures. 4. Experience in post award services including construction inspection, review of and response to RFIs, review of shop drawings, specifications, and change orders, etc. 5. Experience in public relations & outreach, permitting requirements & processing, coordination & compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations and agencies during design and construction phases. 6. Experience in developing and managing an overall contract team with both Minority and Women Business Enterprises. DPW encourages consulting firms that have the experience and capacity to work ion this scope, submit their proposals. All firms must demonstrate and document their capacity and resources to deliver the required services on time. Should you have any questions regarding the scope of the Project, please contact Mr. Harpreet Singh at (410) 396-0009 or by e-mail at All City of Baltimore Construction Projects comply with the standard 2006 edition of "The Specifications for Materials, Highways, Bridges, Utilities and Incidental Structures". City personnel will utilize these specifications the for the Performance Evaluation of Design Consultants and Construction Contractors for this contract/project. Firms interested in submitting a proposal for this project should submit a "Letter of Interest" to the Office of Boards and Commissions, 4 South Frederick Street, 4th Floor Baltimore, MD 21202 (EMAIL: Since these letters are utilized to assist small, minority and women business enterprises in identifying potential teaming partners, the letters should be submitted within five (5) business days of the date of the project's advertisement. The letter should contain a contact person. Failure to submit a "Letter of Interest" will not disqualify a firm submitting a proposal for the project. Each prime consultant applying for this Project will be required to complete and submit an original Federal Form 255, along with five (5) copies, to the Office of Boards and Commissions. The Federal Form 255 and the five copies must be submitted on or before 12:00 P.M. (Noon) on April 12, 2019. Submittals will not be accepted after this deadline. Prequalification Requirement All firms listed in the specific proposal for the Project must be prequalified by the Office of Boards and Commissions for each applicable discipline at time of submittal for this Project. A copy of the prime and sub consultant's current Prequalification Certificate must be included in the bid submittal package. Information regarding the prequalification process can be obtained by calling the Office of Boards and Commissions on 410.396.6883. Insurance Requirements The consultant selected for the award of this project shall provide professional liability, auto liability, and general liability and workers' compensation insurances as required by the City of Baltimore. MBE/WBE Requirements It is the policy of the City of Baltimore to promote equal business opportunity in the City's contracting process. Pursuant to Article 5, Subtitle 28 of Baltimore City Code (2000 Edition) - Minority and Women's Business Program, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) participation goals apply to this contract. The MBE goal is 30% The WBE goal is 15% Both proposed Minority and Women's Business Enterprise firms must be named in the proposal identified as an MBE or WBE .The recommended percentage shall be reflected within Item 6 of the Standard Form (SF) 255 identifying outside key consultants/associates anticipated for utilization for this project. Any submittals that do not include the proper MBE/WBE (in some instances DBE) participation will be rejected from further consideration for this project. Verifying Certification Each firm submitting a SF 255 for consideration for this project is responsible for verifying that all MBEs and WBEs to be utilized on the project are certified by the Minority and Women's Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO) prior to submitting the proposal. A directory of certified MBEs and WBEs is available from MWBOO. Since changes to the directory occur daily, firms submitting SF 255s should call MWBOO at (410) 396-4355 to verify certification, expiration dates and services that the MBE or WBE is certified to provide. Non-Affiliation A firm submitting a proposal may not use an MBE or WBE to meet a contract goal if: 1. The firm has a financial interest in the MBE or WBE 2. The firm has an interest in the ownership or control of the MBE or WBE 3. The firm is significantly involved in the operation of the MBE or WBE (Article 5, Subtitle 28-41). A firm submitting as a prime consultant that fails to comply with the requirements of Article 5, Subtitle 28 of Baltimore City Code when executing a contract is subject to the following penalties: suspension of a contract; withholding of funds; rescission of contract based on material breach; disqualification of prequalification from the City of Baltimore for a period not to exceed two (2) years; and payment for damages incurred by the City. Local law Hiring Article 5, Subtitle 27 of the Baltimore City Code, as amended (the "Local Hiring Law") and its rules and regulations apply to contracts and agreements executed by the City on or after the Local Hiring Law's effective date of December 23, 2013 which is applicable to all vendors. The Local Hiring Law applies to every contract for more than $300,000 made by the City, or on its behalf, with any person. It also applies to every agreement authorizing assistance valued at more than $5,000,000 to a City-subsidized project. Please visit for detailed requirements of the law. Additional Information A firm submitting as a prime consultant that fails to comply with the requirements of Article 5, Subtitle 28 of Baltimore City Code when executing a contract is subject to the following penalties: suspension of a contract; withholding of funds; rescission of contract based on material breach; disqualification of prequalification from the City of Baltimore for a period not to exceed 2 years; and payment for damages incurred by the City. A resume for each person listed as key personnel and/or specialist, including those from MBE and WBE must be shown on the page provided within the application. Please be advised that for the purpose of reviewing price proposals and invoices, the City of Baltimore defines a principal of a firm as follows: A principal is any individual owning 5% or more of the outstanding stock of an entity, a partner of a partnership, a 5% or more shareholder of a sub-chapter 'S' Corporation, or an individual owner. Out-of-State Corporations must identify their corporate resident agent within the application. Firms will not be considered for a specific project if they apply as both a sub-consultant and prime consultant. The applications for this Project (Form 255) cannot be supplemented with any additional information such as graphs, photographs, organization chart, etc. All such information should be incorporated into the appropriate pages. Applications should not be bound. Applications should simply be stapled in the upper left-hand corner. Cover sheets should not be included. Inclusion and/or submittal of additional material may result in the applicant being disqualified from consideration for this project. Failure to follow directions of this advertisement or the application will cause disqualification of the submittal. Ms. Deena Joyce Chief, Office of Boards and Commissions mh15

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