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August 11, 2017

Baltimore County. Bryan T. Pennington, Attorney, Law Offices of Bryan T. Pennington, LLC, 6914 Holabird Avenue Baltimore, MD 21222 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR BALTIMORE COUNTY - IN THE MATTER OF A PETITION FOR ADOPTION OF MINOR FEMALE - CASE NO.: 03-A-17-000083 AD. PUBLICATION OF SHOW CAUSE ORDER TO: Unknown, Unknown RELATIONSHIP TO ADOPTEE: Natural Father YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED THAT: 1. A Petition has been filed for Adoption of Female Minor born to Christina Marie Sturgill on 02/07/2002 in Anne Arundel County. 2. If this Order is served on you on or before August 16, 2017 and you wish to object to the Adoption, you must file a Notice of Objection on or before September 15, 2017 at the County Courts Building, 401 Bosley Avenue, Towson, Maryland 21204. 3. WHETHER THE PETITION REQUESTS ADOPTION OR GUARDIANSHIP, IF YOU DO NOT FILE A NOTICE OF OBJECTION ON OR BEFORE THE DEADLINE STATED ABOVE, A DECREE TERMINATING YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS MAY BE ENTERED WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. 4. You may want to hire an attorney to help you. You are entitled to have the Court appoint an attorney to represent you in this proceeding, if: (a) you are the person to be adopted and: (1) you are at least ten years old and, because of disability, are incapable of consenting to the adoption or of effectively participating in the proceeding or (2) the proceeding involves the involuntary termination of the parental rights of your parents. (b) you are a natural parent of the person to be adopted or for whom a guardian is sought and: (1) are under 18 years of age, or (2) because of disability, are incapable of consenting to the adoption or guardianship or of effectively participating in the proceedings, or (3) do not have the money to hire an attorney. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE ENTITLED TO HAVE THE COURT APPOINT AN ATTORNEY FOR YOU AND YOU WANT AN ATTORNEY, NOTIFY THE COURT WITHIN THE TIME YOUR NOTICE OF OBJECTIONS MUST BE FILED. For your convenience, a request for appointment of an attorney is printed on the notice of objection form attached to this Order. 5. If you wish further information concerning appointment of an attorney by the court, you may contact: Adoption Clerk County Courts Building 401 Bosley Avenue Towson, Maryland 21204 (410) 887-3069 or (410) 887-3469 RUTH A. JAKUBOWSKI, Judge, True Copy—Test: JULIE L. ENSOR, Clerk, au11

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